Welcome to SkyDoc™


What can we do?

Provide a Aerostat Tested and Flown in 110 MPH (177 KMH) Winds. (and it did not come down!) No other Aerostat in the world can do this. We have been building the SkyDoc Balloon for over 20 years. All others trying to replicate our balloon fail in winds over 40 MPH. Most can not fly over 25 MPH winds.

What We Can Provide?

We build innovative aerostat systems which are specifically designed to launch and retrieve your payload. They are designed for limited personnel and extended time in the field.


Worldwide, SkyDoc™ Aerostat systems have been designed to stay aloft when drones, blimps, and round shaped balloons must come down. The SkyDoc™Aerostat systems provide a quick and cost effective way to launch, monitor, and recover a payload designed for aerial surveillance, communication, and atmospheric monitoring.

The patented SkyDoc™ Aerostat System is a unique product line designed to provide it's handlers with superior durability in all types of weather conditions so that your payload can be up in the air and operational whenever you need it. Because of this, we've had customers from many different specialties and countries purchase systems to be used for their specialized needs.

SkyDoc™ Aerostat Systems are configured to individual needs and our helium aerostat platform was specifically designed to meet criterion requested by many operators of aerial specialized equipment and built with state of the art components to offer optimum performance and reliability.

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